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Hello and welcome to my website!

As you may already know Thai Yoga Massage is my passion. I love the idea of helping people to feel good and achieve their optimal wellness and health goals. I love the feedback of better mobility, better rest and more energy and I love the yoga element that it adds to the experience of massage.

That being said, and because I am a passionately curious person, I have adopted a new passion ... I have been studying the sister science of yoga and ancient healing rituals of Ayurveda. I am studying with a school in Toronto and hope to attain the goal of becoming an Ayurveda counsellor within the next 2 years. I am excited about the idea of combining my 2 favorite interests into a unique experience for my clients.

To Bali with Bliss!

What about Bali ?? I'm glad you asked!

Due to the love I have for both yoga and travel, I have planned a yoga retreat to Bali for July 2018! I have named this retreat 'To Bali with Bliss' and have created a well-rounded itinerary for any yogin adventurer to enjoy. 

In Bali we will be surrounding ourselves with a deep, rich, ancient culture while deepening our love for yoga, feeding our soul and nurturing our spirit.

Is Bali on your buck list? If so, register here today for information!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Much Metta, Paula

Paula Davies-Barlow is a Holistic Health Practitioner residing in Grimsby, Ontario.


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